Keyboard Shortcut Controls Demo

WELCOME to live demo of the Shortcut Controls. You can test six controls in table bellow with keyboard shortcuts enabled. With shortcut controls you can choose all combinations of Ctrl, Alt, Shift and other keyboard characters to make shortcuts just like in standard Windows desktop applications. Press G on your keyboard to get it NOW!

Simple Shortcut button

You can click on it or call its keyboard shortcut:
Ctrl + M

Image Button 2, activates on mouse click or Shift + W keyboard key.

Second Shortcut Button

To call its server event, you can use a mouse or try shortcut:
Alt + Shift + Q

This TextBox will get focus if you press
Ctrl + Shift + O

Image Button 1 with keyboard shortcut enabled.

Try its click or simly press Enter key to activate it.

This one will get a focus on
Alt + X.