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How To Get Last Inserted ID On SQL Server
Explains how to get last table ID in different scenarios on SQL Server.

Explains how to use INSERT INTO to insert one or more records to database.

How To Use T-SQL To Subtract Dates And Calculate Time Span?
Explains two common ways to subtract datetime or smalldatetime data types on SQL Server.

T-SQL Reserved Words List
A list of T-SQL reserved words used by SQL Server to define SQL statements.

How To Enable Full Text Search With T-SQL?
Explains how to use T-SQL to enable Full Text Search on SQL Server.

Check If Database Exists Using T-SQL
Explains how you can check if database exists on SQL Server using T-SQL code.

How To Use Replace function in TEXT and NTEXT fields
Explains how to use T-SQL to search and replace text in TEXT or NTEXT fields.

Solved: Create Failed For User 'UserName' Error
Explains how to solve "Create failed for user..." error on SQL Server.

How To Set Multiple Variables By Using SELECT In Stored Proc
Explains how to set value of multiple variables by using one SELECT query in SQL Server stored procedure.

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