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Domain name generators review

Domain name is the most crucial thing in these days of Internet business and is supposed to be the unique address that identifies a web space or better called a web site that is formed of several web pages. The domain name is something through which the common people get to the web site of their interest without knowing the technical details like the IP address and all that stuff. An ideal domain name actually informs the visitors about the content of the site.

Domain names have now become quite easy these days and cheap domain names actually make no difference in the business except saving some big bucks. But as more and more web sites are getting registered, ideally good domain names are getting scarce. But, you know, God has made the solutions before creating the problems! Domain name generators have come into existence.

What are domain name generators?

These are nothing but entirely a new range of web sites that has bulged out with an assurance to provide web developers with domain name ideas that are easy and quick altogether. The domain name generators actually use a word list that is implemented with the whois tool to assay the availability of the proposed domain names. An extensive synonym finder or better known as the thesaurus makes the tool all the more efficient.

Whether to use it or not?

Domain name generators have become very essential nowadays with the fast growing Internet world. In fact choosing a domain name is almost same as choosing a life partner. An improper domain name can leave one’s business actually tottering. And also a domain name creates a lot of impression on the site that it identifies. So choosing a domain name with the help of a domain name generator is the wisest way to upgrade the overall business altogether. There are several domain name generators, a comparison of which will be made in the following paragraphs.

Nameboy: This is a domain name generator that helps one choose from a variety of domain names and even purchase domain name from the same. The process is very simple. One has to type the primary and secondary keywords. The category or site theme is to be selected and lastly it should be stated that whether a rhyme in the domain name is desired or not. Nameboy then patters a long list of domain names. The list comes in three columns. The columns are named as ‘for sale names’, ‘taken names’ and ‘available names’. The next job to chose from the long list is but the sole duty of the owner who wants to purchase domain. Making an ideal domain name search with a domain name generator like Nameboy is a real fun as one ends up with some real innovative domain names that assure a boost to their online business.

Domain Fellow: This is another domain name generator where one has to type the keyword and select the category or theme as done in Nameboy also. But unlike the Nameboy domain name generator, the extension is to be selected like .com, .org or .net. A maximum of ten keywords is permitted to be entered by a custom domain name query tool. Also this generator provides an additional list of domain name resources. It really sounds great and actually it is so. It is a smart way to get that tricky domain name that will draw all the potential Internet traffic to one’s site.

E-gineer Domainator: The domain name generator review tells that the E-gineer domainator is the most feature-rich of all its contemporaries. It implements a very effective tool that includes the provision of finding domain names with the list of keywords entered and checking whether any domain registry has been done with thee same domain name. The interesting part of this E-gineer domainator is that it also checks the hyphenated versions of the domain names that come up with the entered keywords. The domainator also confers a search where the keyword is translated into a number of different languages and then variously rhymed. The objective of E-gineer domainator is to provide one with some groundbreaking ideas of creating domain names.

Name: Creator: This domain name generator is actually a punch of Domain Fellow and 123Finder. The 123Finder allows one a flexible use of hyphens in the keywords, category selection and even the narrowing of the search by hiding the keywords that have been already taken. An advanced search at 123Finder is made usable by clicking the “Power Search” button at the top of the page. The Name: Creator offers the extensions like .com, .net and. org. The features of Domain Fellow are already discussed above.

WHOIX: When compared to other domain name generators, the WHOIX is more limited in features. But it confers some unique domain names that are never found in other domain name generators. Of the avid domain names, and are a few to mention.

Raining Names: When compared to the other domain name generators, Raining Names exhibit their uniqueness in the extensions that they offer. The extensions like. and are exclusively supported by this domain name generator. Very similar to most of the other domain name generators, this one also allows entering a maximum of two keywords and also the category or theme is to be mentioned. Also the requirement of hyphens should be stated. The list of topics is rather limited in this domain name generator. However, Raining Names who had once proposed names like and will never disappoint one.

SNAPITNOW: This domain name generator exhibits the following features:
• They do flip-flop with the keywords
• The registered domain names are kept hidden
• Allows the entry of several keywords

Some of the great domain names by SNAPITNOW are, etc.

MOZZLE: This domain name generator uses an exclusive built-in thesaurus and generates domain names to the entered keywords. It also makes a thorough check of the domain names by using acronyms, alternative spellings and hyphen. Some more features that are patented by MOZZLE are:
• A huge number of domain extensions that sums up to somewhere near 400.
• A direct search of trademark
• Registration of the already available domain names
• An integrated domain name news
• Search based on the character of the keyword

Although the standard version comes for free, the features like integrated thesaurus, alternative spellings, search of the trademark, acronyms and pattern search actually require a fee of US$29.95 to be implemented. The MOZZLE domain name generator comes up with a number of innovational products like Domain Name Pro, Link Popularity Check Software, etc. The domain Name Pro offers some professional tools for the websites like good keywords that are essentially search engine friendly and popular high caliber domain names. The link popularity checks for the Directory Listings and the Traffic Rank. There some more stunning features exhibited by the MOZZLE. They are summarized below:

• Word terms search: This uses a database of as many as 500,000 happening search phrases.
• Automatic popular alternative domain names: The domain Pro provides an automatically generated list of domain names with favorable search phrases.
• Whois search: The Domain Pro Whois data provides the details of the domain name entered in a single view altogether.
• Domain name search term popularity ratings: This tool of Domain Pro provides the popularity rating of each generated domain name.
• Fast Searches: An optimization of the search made in Domain name Pro actually increases the performance by reducing the bandwidth and thus making the search faster.
• Web site Competition ratings: This tool is implemented to indicate the number of sites that use the same words as in the keywords entered. In a word some light is thrown on the number of competing websites.
• Domain name effectiveness index: This is basically a score that is the resultant of the website competition rating and search term popularity rating.
• Net speak: This tool implements the use of some tricky spellings of the conventional words, like is replaced by Again is replaced by Thus some common yet eye-catching words are made use of.
• Custom domain selection: Once a search is made in the Domain Pro, it remembers the settings and the color-coded listings allow an easy recognition of the popular and global domains like .com or .net and .us and .biz too.
• Multiple domain name display formats: Domain Name Pro provides a 3-way display style of the domain names like, domain and Domain These display options allow a smooth scan so that one finds out the desired domain name easily.
• Pause and resume: Since searching for the right domain name is a time consuming process, it can be paused for a while when the person is browsing or emailing over the net and then resumed again when the browsing is complete.
• Checks minimum domain name lengths: Domain Name Pro specifies the length of the domain names so that one poses no difficulties while the doing domain registering.
• Links within the web site: Domain name Pro offers links within one’s website to make it easily available to the search engines and thereby easing the overall optimization process.
• Link popularity links without sub domain: The ‘www’ sub domain is not used thereby making the process altogether a more accurate link popularity indicator.

The above was just a friendly discussion of all the domain name generators. One thing that must be remembered is that there is nothing called ‘the best’ domain name generator. Each one comes up with its own properties. There are pros and cons of each of the property that is again specific to the owner. It is therefore suggested that one uses all the above-mentioned domain name generators so that at the end of the day he ends up with a really benevolent domain name altogether.

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