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''Bean Software's Search Control has proven to be an invaluable tool for our organization. In a Rapid Application Development environment, having solutions that are robust, clean, and easy to implement makes all the difference. Bean Software will continue to get our business in the future. ''
Mitch Ryan
Director of Application Development
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ASP.NET Search Control v4.1

"Fast, feature rich and secure search for ASP.NET database driven websites"

.NET Database Search Control

With Search Control implemented, search becomes one of the best parts of your website.

Visitors are usually very impatient while browsing. They want to find the information they are looking for, and they want it now. If search results are irrelevant, or page loads too long, they'll simply give up, leave the website and never come back again. Speed and relevance, are the reasons why Google became so popular.

With Search control, search results are accurate and load instantly. Visitors promptly get exactly what they asked for. Their satisfaction leaves them comming back for more. Smooth communication between your website and visitors is essential for long time cooperation.

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Search Control key features and benefits

Supports any database

◊ T-SQL on SQL Server, including Full Text Search
◊ PL/SQL for Oracle
◊ MySQL syntax
◊ MS Access syntax
◊ ANSI SQL syntax which works on any database

Search Control works fast and brings out the maximum from your database.

It also allows you to switch easily between different databases by changing one single property.

Different Types of Search

Control supports All Words, Any Word, Exact Phrase, Boolean Expression Search etc.


Complete support

You are not alone. Bean Software offers simple answering to user's questions, and also recommendations, best practices, advices and all possible help to implement database search in your specific project.

It's always a great pleasure to get comments like this:

"Thanks a million for the help and quick response! Your product is brilliant."

Joulian Holding, Chief of Operations and Information Technology, InfoMine Inc.



Order search results by relevance

Search Control supports CONTAINSTABLE or FREETEXTTABLE keywords to enable ranking of search results.

Searching logic

Control supports standard boolean search, but also Sounds, Stem and About searching logic

Noise words

You can exclude common words from searching. Search Control also has Noise Words Templates for different world languages.

No programming required

Easy to use, self-explain properties, you need to write two lines of code or do simply drag-in-drop control in your favorite programming editor.

Cross web browser support

Search Control Web Edition works in all popular web browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera etc.

Manage wild characters

You can use or turn off wild characters like *, %, _ and ?

Limit your search

You can define maximum number of search words and minimum search word length.

Cross platform support

You can use Search Control in all versions of ASP.NET, classic ASP, Windows Forms .NET, Win32 (e.g. Visual Basic 6) or .NET Compact Framework Mobile application.

Cross platform support


Database programming always includes potential security risk. Search Control prevents SQL injection attacks and it is already tested on hundreds of websites online.


It's reusable, stable, rigorously tested, and reliable.

Not branded in any way

Your clients won't have to know you've purchased Search Control. They'll simply praise you for making database search so easy and powerful for them.


You can integrate Search Control in almost any CMS.

Easily recoup your costs

If you DO wish to inform your clients about Search Control, you can simply pass the cost on to them.

Increase your conversion rate

Your web site visitors can easier find wanted information about your product or service. There is a less confusing and more fluent communication between your user and your web site.

Full service: Database Search Solution

With Small Business License or Site License of Search Control you get SEO Pager Control and Highlighter component products for FREE.

Finally get connected with your visitors

Do not let poor search function diminish your sales and visits. Make search feature your website's true advantage. Get Your Database Search Now!

.NET Database Search Control
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You are not alone!
Bean Software
provides not only a simple answering to support question, but also consulting, advices and help to implement database search in your project.

''I just downloaded your product, and I have already implemented it. It adjusted properly to my project and I'm very satisfied with the results. Excellent product!''

Matthew Edwards
Webmaster, Washington Secretary of State