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ASP.NET Menu Controls

A list of custom ASP.NET menu controls.


To build hierarchical menus in ASP.NET web application, use ExpertMenu Control. ExpertMenu supports keyboard navigation and predefined menu skins (Office, Windows XP, Tab 3D etc.).

ExpertMenu can be easily configured with code or with external XML file. To make this task even easier, there is ExpertMenu Designer tool. ExpertMenu Designer is integrated with Visual Studio and accessible on right mouse click.

ExpertMenu is cross browser supported, supports context menus, floating menus, drag and drop feature, role based access, light-weight rendering and many more.


RadMenu for ASP.NET AJAX

RadMenu builds light-weight, search engine friendly ASP.NET menus. RadMenu returns small HTML output formatted with CSS, so it loads fast.

RadMenu supports context menus, scrollable menus and has rich client side API.

RadMenu works with AccessDataSource, SqlDataSource, XMLDataSource, ObjectDataSource, SiteMapDataSource or you can bind RadMenu with web services and load data on demand to boost performance.

RadMenu is search engine friendly. All content accessible through a menu is also visible and indexed for search engines.

Menu supports different predefined styles, animations to customize its appearance in web application.


Infragistics WebDataMenu

WebDataMenu supports keyboard navigation, cascading submenus, images, Ajax, custom tool tips, templates, CSS styles for hover, selected, deselected, disabled menu items etc.

Infragistics WebDataMenu is design time supported in Visual Studio, can bind to different kind of data, produces semantically correct HTML output, animations for collapse and exand of menu items, context menus.

In addition to common SiteMapDataSource, WebDataMenu supports Infragistics' WebHierarchicalDataSource with even more options.


Advanced Menu for ASP.NET

EssentialObjects company introduces Advanced Menu for ASP.NET, cross browser menu control that includes Powerful Menu Builder with preview so you can see immediately how menu will look at run time.

Advanced Menu supports templates, skins and themes, icons, CSS styles and background images.

Advanced Menu has more than a sixty effects for expand and collapse of menu items. Data binding support includes all data source controls, XML file, DataSet, DataTable, DataView, IEnumerable or IDataReader.

Also supports keyboard navigation and client side JavaScript interface to enable or disable menu items or handle click events on client side.


APNSoft Menu Control

APNSoft Menu Control displays both static or dynamic web menus, easy to use but still powerful, reliable and flexible with Ajax support.

APNSoft Menu Control includes Skins Library with a lot of ready-to-use menu skins. All of them are free and included in license.

With APNSoft Menu Control you can add dynamic menu to your web site in a minutes.


ComponentArt Menu

ComponentArt Menu has set of properties for expand/collapse of menu items to fine tune this essential menu control behavior. It is possible to place any HTML or ASP.NET markup in menu items using templates property.

ComponentArt Menu control supports scrolling if menu group is larger than selected size, context menus, ToolTips for menu items, keyboard shortcuts, a lot of predefined menu skins, client side programming and connecting ASP.NET menu to different data sources, including XML files and SQL Server database.


Karamasoft ASP.NET Popup Menu

Karamsoft ASP.NET Popup Menu contains many examples ready to use in your application. You can use one of the samples as template or build your own custom menu using built-in Visual Designer.

Built-in Visual Designer can be used from Visual Studio or as standalone web application.

ASP.NET Popup Menu works over frames, display menu items depending of user role, show context menus on right mouse click, use keyboard shortcuts, search engine optimization, highlight current navigation path, scrolling and auto scrolling of items, relative positioning, nested controls and more.


Coalesys WebMenu for ASP.NET

WebMenu for ASP.NET is a .NET assembly DLL that creates DHTML menus with cross browser support. Created run-time DHTML is compatible with XHTML 1 and DHTML 4.

Also, Web menu for ASP.NET supports keyboard shortcuts, vertical or horizontal menus, drag & drop of menu items, floating or docking. WebMenu has highly customized look. You can change colors, sizes, borders and fonts or even add your own custom images.

If some menu group is too large, WebMenu control will display scroll buttons to enable access to all menu items.


Obout ASP.NET Easy Menu

ASP.NET Easy Menu looks and behave on same way in all popular web browsers. It supports left mouse click for common menu or right click for context menu, or even open menu on mouse over event. It also supports tab strip mode, multiple menus, aligning and menu offset, menu icons, disabled menu items, connecting to database, postback persistence and more.


Componentus Menu

Componentus Menu has keyboard support, you can use shortcut keys to access menu items, or use arrow keys to navigate through a menu. It also supports context menus and templates where you can place any HTML element or web control.

Componentus Menu provides floating, smooth movement on expand/collapse, drag and drop functionality, vertical or horizontal scrolling, animations and image preloading for faster showing of menu groups.


Intersoft Menu

Intersoft Menu auto-adjust to browser size, supports intelligent positioning of unlimited submenus, automatic vertical scrolling, and mnemonic keys.

Intersoft Menu supports nice looking shadow effect with smooth sliding and fading animation to achieve professional look in web application. Control is highly customized in both behavior and design to blend perfectly in any application.